Prayer Requests from Wednesday - 12/19/18

Pete gave the reminder that this is the last Wednesday Night Bible Study for the year since next week is Christmas.

From Jane Clements:

* Praise:  They just got back from a trip to Branson.  The took the car to the shop to be told the brakes were totally gone on the vehicle - the Lord spared them any problems on their trip.  Also, their other car needed some work and it's only costing $125.

* Larry's EDG has been moved from 12/24 to January 14th.

From Sharon Doane:

Farrell Shuck passed away.  He was Elmer & Sharon's son's father-in-law.  They have asked for prayer for the family.

It was a short spoken list tonight but please remember to pray for families during this holiday time.  As Pete has mentioned before - not every family has The Hallmark Card Christmas.

From Rose Collins:

Also, please pray for families who will be traveling. Please pray for our granddaughter, Hannah.  She is flying to visit her grandparents in Alabama Saturday and returning on the 27th.

AND please pray for Bill Stacy, Gar Walker, Janice Hile and the rest of our many treasured family members!


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