Wednesday Night Prayer Requests 03/28/18

From Pete:

* Jeff Rozier & his mom, Pam. Jeff just finished radiation. Please pray that it was effective.

* Sheila Berkstresser had her gal bladder removed. She now has pancreas stones & it is so inflamed that the stones can't be removed.

* Bible Conference starts Saturday 4/7. Next Wednesday the scriptures arrive by truck & they will pick up the Japanese John & Romans that we assembled.

From Don West:

His brother-in-law, Junior has Influenza A, heart failure and several other health conditions.

From Jan (Kevin Foster's mom)

Her sister's friend, Connie, was just diagnosed with severe cancer. It is now spreading to her brain.

Kenda will be having brain surgery. She has 2 kids. Please pray for successful surgery & guidance for the doctors.

From Kathi Foster:

Praise for what God is doing to prepare peoples' hearts to come to the Easter Service.

From Liz Schorr:

2 unspoken

From Billie McNiel:

A lady she works with has a husband whose pancreas is shutting down.

From Jane Clements:

Graham, her grandson, has a rash that comes & goes. He has a doctor's appointment on Friday.

From Mike Schorr:

Praise & prayer for RU on Friday Nights.

Michael has a new teacher and he is improving.

From Sharon Doane:

Please continue to pray for Elmer.

From Kevin Foster:

Pray for his mom, Jan. She went through cancer & is now still struggling with not smoking.

From Bill Oliver:

Marissa, his niece, has been in the hospital for 3 weeks. She has Krohn's disease & had part of her colon removed.

From Linda Martin:

The money from her settled lawsuit has come in.

From Jay Becker:

He has to have a difficult conversation with somebody. Please pray that he can do it in the right way & glorify the Lord.

Also, our grandson, Matt McGrew, wants us to pray for him. A job has opened up at MODOT in the area where he lives. He is applying. The feed mill where Matt works now is a dangerous & toxic environment & he needs to get out of there. I am very thankful that he knows the value in people praying for him!


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