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Prayer Requests - Wednesday, 04/24/19

From Pete:

Please be in prayer for the upcoming Bible Conference.  It starts this next Sunday.  We will be doing 3,500 whole Bibles & a lots of John & Romans with a variety of covers.  The Herbster Family, Doug & Debbie Carragher & Kerrie Ferguson will be here.  Kerrie is a missionary to the Ivory Coast.  She will be working with some church planters and will be involved with their VBS, etc. 

(Rose's note: we will be taking up a special offering this coming Sunday to help with the cost of the conference.  Please be in prayer about what God would have you give.)

From Kathi Foster:

Her cousin, Rick, and  his kids came to church with her a few times.  His dad passed away and the funeral is tomorrow night.

From Shelley Becker:

* She has a couple of job opportunities.  She needs wisdom to know what God wants her to do.  

* Please remember the college students who will be having finals in the next couple of weeks.  

* Their daughter will be home from Thailand on Monday.

From Liz Ahmole (I know that's not right!) :

Pray for the people in Sri Lanka.

From Chris Sanders:

* His uncle Danny has been diagnosed - something like Portal Fibrosis.  It is from exposure to asbestos.

* He has a job interview tomorrow morning at 9:30am.

* He leaves Sunday for his temporary job.

From Rose Collins:

* Please keep Joanne Caskey in your prayers.  Here is some information from Jan Brown tonight: She was transferred to Pleasant Hill Health & Rehabilitation Center, 1300 Broadway St, Pleasant Hill MO  64080.  She is in Room 511.  We are mailing her a get well card signed by many at the church & I wrote her a note that the AWANA kids prayed for her tonight.  Please keep praying for her recovery.

* Please continue to pray for Julie Clouser.  She is doing well with recovery.  I say on Facebook today that she has now graduated from the walker to a cane.  

* Please pray for Terry.  He is not doing well.

From Billie McNiel:

Please pray for her 2 oldest grandsons.  Their other grandfather passed away.

From Bobby:

We have been praying for his boss's wife who is dying.  She is doing better now.  Medicare will pay for some of the things she needs.

From Bailey Robinson:

Please pray for her dad.  He got his disability check and the amount has been cut in half. 

From Dan Ingram:

Please pray for Page Nofiger.  She is very young and has been cancer free.  Couldn't hear for sure - but perhaps the cancer has come back?

From Fran Street:

Please pray for their friends, Lee & Ruby Sherritz.  They are both elderly & in a nursing home.  He has diabetes & she has severe memory problems.  He could no longer take care of her.  He is not eating & it seems he is at the point of giving up & they are nearing the end.

From Jane Clements:

* Please keep Gary & Peggy Nelson in your prayers due to continuing health issues.

* They met their new neighbors across the street and they are both saved.

From Tom Abbey:

He was asking for prayer for somebody - but there was talking in the background and I couldn't catch the details. But, God did.

Also, please pray for Sharon & Elmer Doane and their family.  They need to make some hard decisions with Elmer's care.


If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.  We would love to help you grow closer in your walk with God.


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