Prayer Requests - Wednesday, 04/24/19

From Pete:

Please be in prayer for the upcoming Bible Conference.  It starts this next Sunday.  We will be doing 3,500 whole Bibles & a lots of John & Romans with a variety of covers.  The Herbster Family, Doug & Debbie Carragher & Kerrie Ferguson will be here.  Kerrie is a missionary to the Ivory Coast.  She will be working with some church planters and will be involved with their VBS, etc. 

(Rose's note: we will be taking up a special offering this coming Sunday to help with the cost of the conference.  Please be in prayer about what God would have you give.)

From Kathi Foster:

Her cousin, Rick, and  his kids came to church with her a few times.  His dad passed away and the funeral is tomorrow night.

From Shelley Becker:

* She has a couple of job opportunities.  She needs wisdom to know what God wants her to do.  

* Please remember the college students who will be having finals in the next couple of weeks.  

* Their daughter will be home from Thailand on Monday.

From Liz Ahmole (I know that's not right!) :

Pray for the people in Sri Lanka.

From Chris Sanders:

* His uncle Danny has been diagnosed - something like Portal Fibrosis.  It is from exposure to asbestos.

* He has a job interview tomorrow morning at 9:30am.

* He leaves Sunday for his temporary job.

From Rose Collins:

* Please keep Joanne Caskey in your prayers.  Here is some information from Jan Brown tonight: She was transferred to Pleasant Hill Health & Rehabilitation Center, 1300 Broadway St, Pleasant Hill MO  64080.  She is in Room 511.  We are mailing her a get well card signed by many at the church & I wrote her a note that the AWANA kids prayed for her tonight.  Please keep praying for her recovery.

* Please continue to pray for Julie Clouser.  She is doing well with recovery.  I say on Facebook today that she has now graduated from the walker to a cane.  

* Please pray for Terry.  He is not doing well.

From Billie McNiel:

Please pray for her 2 oldest grandsons.  Their other grandfather passed away.

From Bobby:

We have been praying for his boss's wife who is dying.  She is doing better now.  Medicare will pay for some of the things she needs.

From Bailey Robinson:

Please pray for her dad.  He got his disability check and the amount has been cut in half. 

From Dan Ingram:

Please pray for Page Nofiger.  She is very young and has been cancer free.  Couldn't hear for sure - but perhaps the cancer has come back?

From Fran Street:

Please pray for their friends, Lee & Ruby Sherritz.  They are both elderly & in a nursing home.  He has diabetes & she has severe memory problems.  He could no longer take care of her.  He is not eating & it seems he is at the point of giving up & they are nearing the end.

From Jane Clements:

* Please keep Gary & Peggy Nelson in your prayers due to continuing health issues.

* They met their new neighbors across the street and they are both saved.

From Tom Abbey:

He was asking for prayer for somebody - but there was talking in the background and I couldn't catch the details. But, God did.

Also, please pray for Sharon & Elmer Doane and their family.  They need to make some hard decisions with Elmer's care.

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