Prayer Requests - Wednesday 06/26/19

From Sally Roller:

Tom's nephew, Kim Sawyer, is having open heart surgery.

From Jan Brown:

Jan's mom, Betty, has pneumonia in her right lung.  

Earl Loveall is getting a little better.  He may get to come home tomorrow.  He has congestive heart failure & lots of other issues.  Please keep Earl & Rosie in your prayers.

From Kevin Foster:

Please keep his dad, Harry, in your prayers.  He is having some health issues.  He is in the hospital & they are trying to find out what's going on.

From Sandy Maday:

Her son-in-law has lost a day in his life & he can't remember a thing.  Please pray that they find out what's going on.

From Lisa Vaughan:

Her cousin, John, is saved.  He has had a drug problem and has relapsed.  He is driving from Indiana to Fort Lauderdale, FL to go to a Rehab Center.  Lela will be his traveling companion and she is not saved. 


From Don West:

Melissa's health issues.

From Kerrie Nelson:

Praise - her dad has a tumor in his pancreas & they think it is not malignant.  Pray for her dad as well as a witnessing opportunity.

From Dan Ingram:

Please pray for Joe & Amy.

Praise because some spasms in his neck have settled down.

From Kelsey Ohrem:

Her mom & uncle are not doing well with the death of their mom.  Also, please pray for Kelsey - she is surrounded with a lot of stuff.

From Fran Street:

Please pray for Ruby Sherretz.  Her husband just died.

From Rose Collins:

My cousin died & I will be going to Waverly, MO to her funeral on Friday.  The service will be done by a Baptist pastor who gives a great salvation message that the family will hear again.

Also, should have asked for prayer for Hannah - just call me "Super Grandma"!!   I am taking her to the airport tomorrow for a 10 day trip to California with her grandma & aunt from Alabama.  

From Heather Boney after Bible Study:

Please pray for their family (Mike, Heather & the boys).  They are undergoing attacks from the enemy.

Also, please pray that the Fireworks tent is successful & safe.  We will not have Bible Study next Wednesday since it's July 3rd & we hope things will be busy with the fireworks sales.

Thank you for praying for our Grace Family!


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