Prayer Requests - Wednesday, 07/10/19

From Pete:

Please pray for Bill & Martha Kidwell.  Martha is in St. Luke's on the Plaza & is not doing well.

From Sally Roller:

She asked for safe travels.

From Joyce West:

Adam & a liver transplant.  Lisa for adoption.

From Lisa Vaughan:

Praise because her cousin, John made it to the rehab center in Florida.  He is out of detox & now in rehab.

From Jane Clements:

Cliff, their son, got served with divorce papers.  He is very depressed & does not want a divorce.

Praise because Larry made it through his procedure.  During the process the found out he is anemic & they will be working on that.

Praise - she & Larry are having their 25th wedding anniversary.

From Kathi Foster:

She met a lady who goes by K. T.  during the door to door visits.  She did not pray to accept Christ, but did take the John & Romans & was thankful for it.

From Linda Anderson:

Their neighbor, Travis, has gotten the pathology back on his kidney.  He has some type of Sarcoma which is rare.

Also, on her job she does ambulance billings.  She sees lots of those visits being due to suicide attempts.

From Dawn Bown:

Her paternal grandma, Darlene Bown, has been sick & having heart problems.  They have now found that she has adenocarcinoma in her right lung.  Please pray for the doctors to have wisdom to treat her as well as for her comfort.

From Shelley Becker:

Alena has left for Discipleship School.

Their friend, Shawna, donated a kidney yesterday.  Please pray for her as well as the recipient.

From Heather Boney:

Bryson has had a cough since November.  They had suspected asthma at one time.  He will be having an x-ray on Saturday to help diagnose the problem. Also, an unspoken request.

From Nancy Scott:

Please pray for her granddaughter and her Youth Group in Mexico.  

From Rick:

He & Pat have a friend who just had hip surgery.

From Billie McNeill:

Her daughter-in-law's dad has heart problems.  He has been in ICU for the last few days.  He is not saved.

From Bill Oliver:

Praise because a guy at work has gotten saved.

From Kristie Kupka:

Somebody is having surgery....sorry couldn't hear details & didn't catch Kristie before she left.

From Tom Abbey:

He has an appointment with a Neurologist next Tuesday.

From Rose Collins:

Please pray for our granddaughter, Abby McGrew.  She has been having lots of pain, etc from a kidney stone. Yesterday I picked her up in Butler, MO where she is staying with her parents & took her to Springfield for x-ray & appt with kidney dr.  God's scheduling is so amazing! Right after her appt he got called away for emergency surgery & they canceled the rest of his appointments.....God didn't let us drive all that way for nothing!  She will have a procedure tomorrow morning to break the stone up with sound waves.  Please pray that is breaks it all up & she recovers quickly and can get back to her clinical rotation for school.

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