Wednesday Night Prayer Requests 03/21/18

Updated: Mar 29, 2018

From Brad:

We have a man in our church who has requested prayer for a recent skin cancer diagnosis. He wants to remain anonymous at this time but needs our prayers.

Please keep Pete & Kathy in your prayers while they are on vacation. Please pray for rest and refreshment for them.

From Bob:

* For his kids to come to Jesus.

* He has a friend who needs to quit drinking. Please pray that he would come to RU on Friday Nights & come to church with Bob.

* He has another friend who has a big growth in her stomach. She has no health insurance. Please pray that she would find her way to get treatment.

From Dawn Bown:

Her mom has a friend named Ann. Ann has battled cancer for 12 years. She was to have had hip replacement surgery but this was postponed til next week due to an infection.

From Kathi Foster:

* They had asked for prayer for the Klodson family. Steve is home again now because his dad got out of the hospital. Jackie is having labor pains too early.

* Another friend had a heart attack - didn't get the details.

* Unspoken for her daughter. I think she said Shannon (but I know it wasn't Heather).

From Liz Schorr:

* That her kids would walk in truth & that God would guide and direct their lives.

* Mike has an opportunity for another position at work.

From Bill Stacy:

Pray for the Bible Conference & that we would just let God take us where he wants it to go.

From Lisa Vaughan:

Please pray for a place for her dad, Kelly. They may have found a facility.

From Linda Martin:

She has a friend, Sandy, who has been cancer free for some time. It may be back & she has a lot to deal with.

From Laura Ojeda:

Eileen will be having a mastectomy. Also, there is a situation going on that needs prayer but I could not hear any of the details.

From Jesse Jammes:

The sale of his house - for the price he wants.

From Jay Becker:

A friend is going through the end of a relationship & he is having a hard time with it.

From Dakota Dey:

I think she said their dog died. ( Please pray for her & her brothers - it's especially hard on kids & was emotional for Dakota to share her request. She is Jason & Jessica Woods' daughter.)

From Rose Collins:

Please keep Janice Hile in your prayers. They are doing a biopsy from a colonoscopy. Janice has a lot going on with other tests.

From Jane Clements:

She & Larry are going through a lot. They need wisdom on how to handle what is going on.

From Toni Erickson:

Jim is down in the back & in pain. Please keep him in your prayers. He will have a Myleogram at Menorah Hospital on 4/2.


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