Wednesday Prayer Requests - 05/08/19

From Pete:

* We do not have John & Romans Scriptures to work on yet.

* Be in prayer for the Scriptures that were done during Bible Conference. They all got shipped out last week.

* Please be in prayer for Sharon Doane & the family. The service will be at 10 AM Friday morning, with visitation the night before at Langsford Funeral Home. We will host a dinner for the family at church following the funeral.

* Please be in prayer for the High School Seniors who will be graduating. This is a time where alcohol is heavily involved and decisions are made by the kids that can change the path of their lives.

* Please pray for Pete & Kathy's neighbor, Suzie. Pete has been witnessing to her. She is an atheist but had to become Jewish when she married her husband. Pete has given her a copy of Craig Hartman's book "Through Jewish Eyes" hoping it will show her the need for salvation.

From Heather Boney:

Please be in prayer for her dad & his family - the Henihans. Heather's uncle died and another uncle had a stroke on the way to the funeral in Texas. (Heather, I hope this is close to what you told me!)

From Sally Roller:

* Debbie Dalton is Sally's friend (not Gar's daughter). Debbie's dad passed away.

* Bri's divorce became final today. Please keep Bri & the girls in your prayers.

* Please pray for our country & for Israel.

From Jane Clements:

Mike, a friend who lives in Illinois, has just been diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer.

From Shelly Becker:

* She has been on her new job for one week and loves it!

* Alena, their daughter, has returned from Thailand.

* Please pray for Alexis - she is getting ready for college finals.

From Bailey Robinson:

Please pray for her dad & his finances.

From Mike Schorr:

They have met a Hispanic couple & he has talked to them through the wife who speaks English. They are coming back on Saturday. Please pray he will be able to witness to them.

From Nancy Scott:

Please pray for her sister-in-law & her family. Her brother, Ron, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday.

From Dawn Bown:

Unspoken Request.

Peck Hagan:

Please pray for Madilyn Grissom, age 2. She is the granddaughter of Ashley's pastor, Bob Grissom, up in Minnesota. Madilyn fell out of a 2nd story window. Paramedics arrived and she was alert, but she may still need prayers. Not sure of her condition at this time.

And, I'd like to ask for prayer for our grandson, Tim. He is going on a trip to London this summer with a class at Missouri State University. He has a few issues & has never flown or traveled without somebody in his family. He loves all things British so this is a great opportunity for him. I think he leaves on the 19th and will be gone for 10 days.


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