Wednesday Prayer Requests - 06/05/19

From Pete:

* John & Romans Scriptures have arrived.  We will meet for Scripture assembly tomorrow morning.

* Men's Prayer Meeting tomorrow night.

* Please be in prayer for Vacation Bible School & High School Camp.

From Sally Roller:

* I couldn't hear the 1st part of her request - but the Lord did.  

* Jesse, Tom's son, is progressing.  He will be meeting with a neurologist.

* Please pray for the Uteck Family.  Their son is a friend of Bri's and he was killed last night.  I couldn't hear the details.

From Linda Anderson:

Travis came through the surgery.  The mass did not invade the liver & they are waiting for the results on the kidneys.

From Jan Brown:

She needs a good babysitter for her mom on Wednesday Nights.

From Kelsey Ohrem:

Please pray for comfort for her grandma.

From Kevin Foster:

* Pray for Kevin & Amy Hourine & the family.  His Mom has found out that she has lymphoma and will be finding out more the course of action she'll need to take by early next week. 

* Pauline at work is having some issues.  Pray for her well-being and her mental health.

From Chris Sanders:

* His cousin is out of ICU.  

* Chris had a job interview today & has another one tomorrow.

From Larry Clements:

Jason Madden, the truck driver who brought the Scriptures is having trouble with the truck.  He had to go 45 MPH on the way down & will have to do the same on the way back.

From Billie McNeil:

She just learned that an old friend's son was killed in a car accident.

From Nancy Scott:

Please pray for all of the people along the rivers & flooding areas.


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