Wednesday Prayer Requests - 07/17/19

From Pete:

Please be in prayer for our High School Camp next week: safe travel, camp speaker, music, that the Spirit of God would work in hearts lives would be changed.

Pete will be gone to High School camp & will go to a camp the following week for AFBM missionaries.  Please pray for that camp as well & Pete to have the words as he speaks.  God is doing a great work with both Armed Forces Baptist Missions & Wounded Soldiers and the scriptures we provide to them.

From Dan Ingram:

A friend of his has pancreatic cancer.

From Billie McNeill:

Her Aunt & and a 6 year old with brain cancer.  

From Lisa Vaughan:

Her dad will be moving to a different place in the facility. (She clarified that to me after Bible Study - I couldn't hear what she said)

From Mike Schorr:

Victor Silva

From Joyce (Jayden & Jalen's grandma):

Her Aunt Joyce.

A family friend (Vickie?) died just a couple of hours for Bible Study.  Her mom took her for this procedure & she didn't make it.  Please pray for Joyce's mom & Vickie's family.

From Linda Martin:

Her brother Mike, with Pancreatic Cancer, has gotten official word that he is in remission.

Inatius Francis:

There are a lots of Muslims in the area where he is from.  Two of his brothers have converted to Islam.

From Kelsey Ohrem:

Please pray for her family.  Tomorrow afternoon she hopes to be able to bring about peace in the situation.

Pray for Kelsey as well.

After Bible Study I talked to Tom Abbey.  Please keep him & Sun in your prayers. Tom has met with a neurologist & will be have further tests.


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