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Wednesday Prayer Requests - 07/24/19

Cindy is a friend of Suzie is in hospice.  Pray for peace for the family.  She is a believer.

Teen Camp: good week, spiritual growth for all & safe travels.

Peggy Nelson - need for a new doctor.  She is still having problems with a kidney stone.

Earl Loveall - congestive heart failure & wife has Alzheimer's.

Larry Clements - Praise due to good heart test results.

Praise for Janice Hile - good CAT scan report!

Friend of Jane - Jimmy needs knee replacement surgery.

Dudley Family - husband 89  years old passed away.  Please pray for his wife.

Jan Brown's mom - health/mind - situation is difficult.  Pray for grace & patience for Jan.

Dawn Bown's grandma, Marlene, Stage 4 cancer.  She is in hospice care now.  She is saved & a godly woman.

From Sharon Doan: Safe travels to Dallas.

Baby Inatius: I think it is that no longer a weight concern.

Phillip Lewis - Phillisha's dad is not wanting to go to the doctor but is in pain. 

Jessica Wood: neighbor, Angel, unexplained health concerns.

Larry Clements' son - 20 year anniversary praise!  His other son, Cliff & wife Kim are divorcing (asking that God would work in their marriage.)


If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.  We would love to help you grow closer in your walk with God.


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