Wednesday Prayer Requests 04/04/18

From Pete:

* Please pray for the Bible Conference. Both Mike Herbster & Doug Carragher will be speaking. Steve Zeiner & Mike Van Horn will be stopping by. We will be doing a project in French & an African Tribal Language for Steve next Fall. We will have people working on Saturday getting things set up and working on assemble. We will have regular service times on Sunday and 7PM services on Mon, Tues & Wed.

* Please pray for our families. A lot of attacks have been going on leading up to the conference.

* Men's Prayer Meeting tomorrow night at 7PM

* Please pray for George & Sharon Ballew. They have had a very rough time, including the death of their son recently.

From Heather Boney:

* Our dog, Ellie, is having lots of health problems and they can't find out what's wrong with her. This is costing them lots of money - which is not good.

* Please pray for my mom, Kathi Foster. She is not feeling well and not here tonight. Please pray that she gets better before the conference.

From Don West:

They have a friend - Sandy - whose husband had a massive stoke. He is in a vegetative state and some difficult decisions need to be made.

Please pray for Joyce - she has the flu.

From Burt Brown:

Sean, their son, called today and his knee is doing really well. He is so thankful for our prayers. They will be moving up here probably by June. He is doing well - even reading his Bible again.

From Laura Ojeda:

* Maggie is a new member of their racing team. She is 65 years old and has had 2 strokes. She is not saved.

* Eileen will have a double mastectomy tomorrow.

* Please pray for Laura's son, Anthony.

From Deann Dahmer:

Please pray for Sheila Berkstresser.

From Liz Schorr:

Chloe's biological great-grandmother is having lots of health problems and has just lost her 2nd child.

From Kevin Foster:

Please pray for their friend, Paula, and her family. Paula has been checked into a clinic with an eating disorder.

From Kerrie Nelson:

* Praise because her dad had a procedure today & they learned that he will not have to have open heart surgery.

* Praise - her friend from work, Lisa, has been to church the last 2 Sundays and says she has learned more at our church than ever before. Please reach our to her. She is single and looking to connect with caring people.

From Larry Clements:

Their niece, Holly Yates, needs lots of prayers. She has had some accidents recently and has lots of life problems.

From Jay Becker:

Their daughter, Alana, had a wreck on the way back to school. But praise because she was not hurt. She is dealing with financial issues for school next year.

From Delane Reed:

Each week she is going through new trials. Construction is about half way done and she hopes it will be completed within the next couple of weeks. She will need help moving again.

From Shelley Becker:

She has been praying for a year about a different job opportunity. (now it sounds like she needs one!)

From Bill Stacy:

Satan hates what we are about to do with the Word of God. We need to pray to bind Satan from the conference.

From Bob:

He is still smoke & drug free. Also, his oldest daughter has been led to the Lord. 2 more to go.


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